First Kentucky Securities will objectively evaluate your institution’s investment manager performance, or step in and manage your portfolio directly. Either way, we make sure everything is done according to your policies and guidelines, and according to applicable laws and regulations.

At First Kentucky Securities, we understand that Board Members and Investment Committees of various institutions have a fiduciary responsibility for the assets under their care. However, they may not have the time, resources, or expertise to develop, implement, and monitor disciplined, long-range investment strategies.

That’s where we come in. We take an independent, unbiased, and consultative approach developing comprehensive Investment policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines set:

  • Asset allocation strategies to help institutions reach their investment objectives
  • Benchmarks to measure and monitor investment returns
  • Periodic reviews to ensure the investments remain consistent with the institution’s goals over
    time and as markets change.

Utilizing an institution’s investment policy, we determine minimum expected returns as shown by the benchmarks we select. We then conduct a search for potential investment managers for each asset class identified by the policy. These investment managers will have a proven track record of returns exceeding the benchmarks over one, three and five year time frames, while incurring no more risk than that specified by the policy. We then monitor the manager’s performance month-to-month going forward, to ensure the benchmark exceeding returns continue.